H. S. Lewis - Wisdom of the Sages - Thou shalt prepare thyself for the mission of thy existence

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The ninth command of the decalogue is:


Born to fulfill a mission in life! This is what is often said of those who accomplish some great purpose or inaugurate some unique and praiseworthy undertaking of an altruistic, religious or humanitarian nature. But why should the use of the word or term be limited to such accomplishments? It is not necessary to believe that each soul born into a physical body on earth is so placed because of a predetermined mission it must fulfill, to believe that each of us must perform that mission in life which fate, destiny, coincidence, chance, luck, goodness, planetary influence or any other motive or accident affords an opportunity or impulse for performing.

As indicated by the preceding explanations we come into this life ignorant and without power or abilities, except those which God hath given us. With these gifts we acquire, through privileges, other abilities and knowledge; and the privileges and gifts obligate us to use them for the purpose that God has in mind when they are given to us,--and this becomes our mission in life: to do that which will help and benefit others and bring the Light of knowledge and the peace of understanding to those who have them not.

And, we are to prepare ourselves for this mission. We are to learn to see well; for the more perfect we make our sight and the more correct we interpret what we see, the better will be our comprehension of our perceptions. We are to improve our hearing, train it and educate it, so that we may more perfectly and understandingly interpret the multiplex sound vibrations registered upon that organ. We are to increase our store-house of memory so that we may avail ourselves of the faculty and function of recalling that which will serve us or others when most desired. We are to make ourselves acquainted with the laws of nature that we may avail ourselves of the potent possibilities which are ever about us and always await our application. We are to prepare ourselves so that when the opportunity or command comes for the fulfillment of the mission, we will be ready and efficient in knowledge and experience to do that thing which our preparation inspires us to do as our mission, individually.

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