H. S. Lewis - Wisdom of the Sages - Thou shalt seek with an open mind

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The third command of the decalogue is:


How simple--because logical and therefore easy--this seems. But we venture to say that the average business man does not open his morning paper with the desire to learn certain facts, nor open his morning mail with the purpose of learning other facts, without a certain determination to find therein that which he must find to verify his predetermined ideas, or strengthen his doubts and credulity.

An open mind? The shifting of membership in the average denominational church is accounted for, by those who know, as a direct result of the determination of the seeker for Biblical truth or Holy Light to have only such revelations made to him as coincide with his predetermined ideas or meet the changing beliefs of his vacillating mind.

Truth must first establish her ability to resemble the character of things within the seeker's mind, or, forsooth, the inquirer will not enter the chamber and learn!

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