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Welcome to the Sandbox
your notebook and workspace
on the W S-L Wiki

The Sandbox Namespaces can be thought of as your notebook, it's a place to work, do projects, collaborate, experiment, or just play with the wiki. Pages will not be deleted or moved from the sandbox for not complying with the W S-L Wiki etiquette. Don't hesitate to ask questions. The sandbox is designated with the prefix Sandbox:.

How to Use The Sandbox

The W S-L Wiki is organized into different content areas to accommodate different needs and the Sandbox is a place to work, experiment, collaborate, and play using the wiki. To add pages to the Sandbox, simply add the prefix Sandbox: before your page title.

Create a New Sandbox Page

Create a New Sandbox Page
  • Simply add the title of your new page after the prefix Sandbox: in the form below and click on the create page button.

  • To add an already existing page to the Sandbox, use the move function and rename the page with the "Sandbox:" prefix. For example, a page named test would be renamed Sandbox:Test. See Help:Moving a page for more information.

How the Sandbox can be used

  • Create your own test pages
  • Play with formatting a page
  • Create a page to coordinate or start a conversation about a project
  • Write an essay or assignment


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