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SHALL we say that unto some men by selection has come all the Light, all the Wisdom, of the ages and that a few men are possessors of knowledge not common to all nor even comprehensible by all?

Not without modification can such a statement be made.

By whom selected? would be the logical question,--and why?

Comprehensible knowledge! Comprehension presupposes a basis of understanding and then a complete conscious realization. But, the basis of understanding is dependent upon relativity, and this upon the presentment of facts.


We are told, academically, that knowledge is "the state of being or having become aware of fact or truth; intellectual recognition of or acquaintance with fact or truth; the condition of knowing."

The emphasis and reiteration is upon fact and truth. It is the possession of these--essentially one--that constitutes knowledge.

Education, we are told, is: "the imparting or acquisition of knowledge."

Summarizing, we find that our education should consist of the presentment of knowledge, that we may acquire knowledge consisting of fact and truth.


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