How to prepare

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— How, then, shall the student prepare most efficiently and with the utmost economy of time ?

This, too, is an age-old question [...].

There is but one answer: By taking the preliminary and graded steps in the earthly schools of the Masters and attaining the degrees of readiness through directed preparation. Hence the establishment of the arcane schools in all lands ; hence the Great Work allotted to them by the Masters.

— Where are the Great Masters and how are they contacted ?

Here we find more difficulty in answering, not because our knowledge is meager, but because language is inadequate to express the sublime facts. There are some conditions of cosmic life which even the language of the Shakespeare gems could not describe. We may comprehend, we may apprehend, and there may come to us, through words, some faint conception of the beauty, magnificence, and divinity of the cosmic scheme, but never a complete realization until we have made the personal contact and found Cosmic Illumination.

Know, then, that there is a wonderful union or assembly of Master Minds, Master Personalities, who constitute the Holy Assembly of the Cosmic. One of these masterful characters, Kut-Hu-Mi, the Illustrious, is shown in a portrait in another part of the Manual. He was one of the two Masters referred to by the ancient mystics and made somewhat known to advanced Theosophists by the late Mme. Helena P. Blavatsky, who was one of the personal students of the Master.

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