Power of repulsion

" I will bestow another thing— That which shall have the power of repulsion—
It will open the Power to none. Hear!

There walks one,
Walks peacefully.
In a white garment he walks.
Swordless he walks.

All that has been done against thee will turn against them. All that they wished against you, they will themselves receive. Good and evil.
Who desired evil—will receive it. Who desired good—he may accept it. All will receive. Go. Do not hesitate. I will make an end to the trial.
Alm! Alm! Algarfelmukor!”

What passed?
Gayatri passed on--
In white and calmly.
Without arrow nor sword
Without hatred nor threat.

What passed?
The enemies shot their arrows against Gayatri, poisoned arrows.
The arrows turned and struck those who sent them.
Others threw spears at Gayatri and fell, transfixed.
Poison they spilt for him and died themselves terrified.

What passed?
Hosts of enemies died by their own hand.
With hatred their spirit overflowed.
Their hearts swelled with revenge.

What passed?
They destroyed and burned.
They poisoned rivers and lakes.
They sped a shower of flames.
They shrieked their curses.
They burned and drowned.
They turned black, convulsed.
They gashed and strangled— Themselves.

What passed?
They forgot the good.
They lost the good meeting.
The good eye darkened.
The word of caress they deadened.

Thus it passed!
The foolhardy perished.
By the strength of enemies, Gayatri went through the kingdom of the old lands."


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