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Supported languages

This shows you the name of each language's sub-page (using Portal as an example). Other languages may be added easily as necessary (languages are only displayed to the user when the relevant page exists).

Page Name Language National Flag
Portal English  
Portal/af Afrikaans Flag
Portal/ar Arabic Flag
Portal/br Breton Flag
Portal/ca Catalan Flag
Portal/cs Czech Flag
Portal/de German  
Portal/el Greek  
Portal/es Spanish  
Portal/et Estonian Flag
Portal/fa Persian Flag
Portal/fi Finnish Flag
Portal/fr French  
Portal/gu Gujarati Flag
Portal/he Hebrew Flag
Portal/hu Hungarian Flag
Portal/id Indonesian Flag
Portal/it Italian  
Portal/ja Japanese Flag
Portal/ko Korean Flag
Portal/mr Marathi Flag
Portal/ms Malay Flag
Portal/nl Nederlands  
Portal/no Norwegian Flag
Portal/oc Occitan Flag
Portal/pl Polish Flag
Portal/pt Portugese  
Portal/ro Romanian  
Portal/ru Russian  
Portal/si Sinhalese Flag
Portal/sq Albanian Flag
Portal/sr Serbian Flag
Portal/sv Swedish Flag
Portal/th Thai Flag
Portal/tr Turkish Flag
Portal/vi Vietnamese Flag
Portal/yue Cantonese Flag
Portal/zh Chinese  
Portal/zh-hans Chinese (Simplified) Flag
Portal/zh-hant Chinese (Traditional) Flag