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Here are some basic guidelines to follow in order to help keep the W S-L Wiki organized and well maintained.

  1. Search first before creating.
    • Always search for a page or category which may already exist that is similar to what you want to create.
  2. Give your page a concise and descriptive name.
    • For example, you want to create a tutorial on searching for information on statistics.
  3. Organize.
  4. Categorize.
    • In order to help organize the wiki and for others to find things, categorize pages into existing or new categories. Just be sure new categories have a good name as well. Categories cannot be renamed.
  5. Leave notes.
    • Pages can generally be edited by anyone. Everyone is encouraged to help keep content up to date and organized, but it would be helpful (particularly with large edits) to fill in the "Summary" box with what you changed. If you are uncertain about something, you can leave comments in the edit box itself or make use of the "discussion" tab at the top of the page.

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