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Nicholas Roerich

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Nicholas Roerich (October 9, 1874 – December 13, 1947) — also known as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh — was a Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, enlightener philosopher, and public figure.

Agni Yoga

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Agni Yoga (Russian: А́гни Йо́га) or the Living Ethics (Russian: Жива́я Э́тика), or the Teaching of Life (Russian: Уче́ние Жи́зни), is a Neo-Theosophical religious doctrine transmitted by Helena Roerich and Nicholas Roerich from 1920

George de Roerich

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George Nicolas de Roerich (Russian: Юрий Николаевич Рёрих, pronounced [ˈjʉrʲɪj nʲɪkəˈlajɪvʲɪtɕ ˈrʲɵrʲɪx]; August 16, 1902 in Okulovka, Novgorod Governorate – May 21, 1960 in Moscow) was a prominent 20th century Tibetologist.
George was the son of the painter and explorer Nicholas Roerich and Helena Roerich.


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The Great Invocation is a prayer published in 1937 by Alice Bailey.

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About World Goodwill


Goodwill is one of the most basic spiritual qualities of the human being and the great untapped resource at the heart of every human community.

Wiki Paints Project

And We Open the Gates. From the Saints series.

And We are Trying. From the "Sancta" Series.

Wiki Video Project

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Christian Rosenkreutz

The Rose Cross

Christian Rosenkreuz is the legendary, perhaps allegorical, founder of the Rosicrucian Order (Order of the Rose Cross), presented in the three Manifestos published in the early 17th century.

The School of Russian and Asian Studies

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SRAS started with programming at Moscow State University - and has grown into a much larger, more diverse organization. SRAS established programs across Russia, in Siberia and the Russian Far East, as well as Central Asia.


Kalachakra thangka
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In Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Shambhala, also spelled Shambala or Shamballa or "Shambhallah", is a mythical kingdom. It is mentioned in various ancient texts, including the Kalacakra Tantra and the ancient Zhangzhung texts of western Tibet. The Bon scriptures speak of a closely related land called Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring.

Hindu texts such as the Vishnu Purana (4.24) mention the village Shambhala as the birthplace of Kalki, the final incarnation of Vishnu who will usher in a new Golden Age (Satya Yuga).