Hymn to the Mother of the World

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Mother of the world, 1937
"If I am right, then Mother, Thou art all

—The ring, the way, the dark, the light, the void,
And hunger, sorrow, poverty and pain—
From dawn to dusk, from night to morn and life and death
— if death there be —
All things art Thou.

If Thou art they, then hunger, poverty and wealth are only transitory shapes of Thine.

I do not suffer nor enjoy
For Thou art All, and I am surely Thou.

If Thou art He, to mortals manifest,
Then pass me through Thy Light to Him —The Truth.
The only Truth—to us so dimly known in Thee.

Then lash this mortal body as Thou wilt,
Or embed in golden comfort rich and soft—
I’ll feel it not, for with Thy Light
I’ll know For Thou art He and I am Thou—
The Truth.”
“Let us glorify Thee, Mother of Light!”


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