Nicholas Roerich - Himalayas

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To The Himalayan Roerich Society, 1931

Dear Esther,

I thank you for your notification concerning the election of Mme. Roerich and myself as Protectors of the Himalayan Roerich Society founded by you.

In your letter I feel your most worthy strivings.
You know that for me the Himalayas are the summit of the World, not only because of their lofty altitude, but because of their benevolent and highly significant traditions.
From my books you know that the uplands of the Himalayas and Trans-Himalayas were the most important sites of the migrations of peoples, uniting thus the best styles of the West, emphasizing the importance of Scythia, recalling the Roman style and other unforgettable cultural treasures.

I am certain that you will imbue the life of the Society with the same all-embracing and all-containing beneficent understanding.
Let your only enemy be the pitiable homunculus of ignorance.
But all who are within the domain of knowledge and glorious creativeness must be friends of Culture.
You gather together in the name of Culture.
In the name of the great evolutionary foundation you strive to construct a peaceful and radiant future.
Culture alone will solve the amassed difficulties of humanity and no one except homunculus will dare to say that it is superfluous or unworthy to consecrate oneself to the service of Culture.

It is long since we worked together, and you of course sense how real and undeferrable are construction and the defense of Culture.
Each day’s facts prove that this is in no wise exaggeration, but verily a necessity, a Beautiful Necessity.
In the name of this Beautiful Necessity act as beneficently and self-sacrificingly as you all, our dear co-workers, have acted in all other constructive work.

Let us not forget that on the very Himalayas the legend of the Fire Blossom was conceived.
All thoughts of curative herbs, of wondrous meteoric dust, of magnetic currents and of mighty energies for the welfare of humanity will carry us again to the same snowy giants.
A world-depository of spirit.
The striving to Bliss and Onward…
Where can it be manifested as vitally as upon the heights untrod by human feet!

In the name of these heights, fortify the valor of spirit!
Safeguard the treasures of human genius.
Indefatigably erect strongholds where the human spirit can strengthen its achievements.

Hold firmly the Banner of Peace!
Greeting! Faith! Success!


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