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Peace to all beings
To The Maha-Bodhi Society, Calcutta, 1930

Bouddha the Winner, 1925,
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It is a great joy to send a welcome to the Maha-Bodhi Society.

With such delicacy and refinement this Society pursues its noble work.
All addresses of their Founder and leader Anagarika Dharmapala are imbued with the devotion and compassion, which evoke in hearts the most precious feelings.
In touching the heart—that Realm of Light—we touch the real treasure.
A true disciple can be realized as a result
of wide understanding,
and compassion.

With the highest feelings I always remember my meetings with representatives of the Buddhist world.
I keep as a precious token the message sent to me by one of the Leaders of Buddhism in Japan, Archbishop Noguchi.
And the Head Priest of the famous Temple of Kandy writes on a palm leaf a touching address to the West, full of peaceful calls.
Most valuable sound all the Greetings of High Lamas from Mongolia, Tibet and Sikkim.

Verily, Peace to all beings!

On this great day, so many remarkable and beautiful texts come to one’s memory.
With reverence we can imagine how many people pay their respects this day to the great conception of Lord Buddha.

And after the thousands of volumes dedicated to this uplifting cause we see once more how simple is the truth: so simple that it may be inscribed upon the palm of a hand.
and incessant noble action
are the evoking call of the Great Lion.

The Pali Suttras contain many splendid definitions of Lord Buddha, Who indicates the blessed Golden Path:
He is the Leader of the caravan, the Founder, the Teacher, the Incomparable Trainer of men.
He is the Lord of the Wheel of Benevolent Law.
He is the Lion of the law.
He is a wondrous doctor; the Venerable Gotama is a Plowman; his Field is Immortality.

“He is the Light of the world. He is the Liberator.”
(So speaks the Bodhicharyavatara and Sutta Nipata.)

When an unworthy member deserted the teachings, He wisely said: “Now is the grain divided from the chaff” and incessantly He plowed the field of the human spirit.
In the name of glorious creative labor we send our reverence to this Great Day.

New York, 1930.


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