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Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
To work on ourselves

Though his higher Self,

Every human being is a divinity

Who lives in a sublime region

Where there is no sickness, suffering, limitation or darkness.

But humans cannot yet feel or manifest this life or plenitude

That exists on high,

Because their lower nature will not allow it.

It is obtuse, narrow-minded, maladjusted and poorly tuned,

Exactly like a radio

That is unable to receive certain frequencies.

Waves propagated in the sublimes regions

By cosmic intelligence

Are very short and very fast.

Because our own matter is so thick and opaque,

It cannot vibrate in harmony with these divine messages,

And they slip by us without leaving a trace.

Until we have worked on ourselves

And refined our psychic matter,

We will know nothing of our higher Self.


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