Rosicrucian Credo

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Rosicrucian Credo

1. I KNOW there is but one living, true and Infinite God, creating ant sustaining all things, visible and invisible; whose Essences diffused throughout the universe, and whose Mind and Consciousness constitutes the Soul of Man.

2. I KNOW that the unity of God’s creation manifest in three expressions: in the Macrocosm as Light, life, and love; in Microcosm as Soul, ego, and body; in the material sciences and arts, as thesis, synthesis, and antithesis. All of these are symbolized by the Triangle.

3. I KNOW that the Divine Wisdom of God, as made manifest by the laws of nature, justify our faith in the Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Goodness and Love of the God of our existence.

4. I KNOW that God breathes into the body of Man the Breath of Life, Man becomes a Living Soul, a segment inseparable of the Soul of God, resident within the mortal body, for various purposes, through successive human incarnations. Hence, in all that is real and vital, all Mankind is a Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.

5. I KNOW that the flesh alone may err, and mortal mind may sin; and for each error or sin, flesh and mortal mind must compensate; for Man is born in Soul-Goodness, but in mortal ignorance, and from the ignorance alone must Man be redeemed and saved.

6. I KNOW that the visible Fraternity of the Rosicrucians is an inspired school for the Illumination of the mortel minf and the joy of the Soul. Its authority is found in the joyous response of the Soul of Man and in the Inspiration and Direction received from the Masters, visible and invisible.

7. I KNOW that the High Initiates of the Fraternity are representatives of the Invisible Masters of The Great White Brotherhood, and are the Servants of God.


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