Nicholas Roerich - In spite of difficulties

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In spite of difficulties
To The Bulgarian Roerich Society, 1930

Bouddha the Winner, 1925,
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Your last two letters, written in Paris and New York, were communicated to me.
Thank you for your sincere lines.
Thus, exactly must we act in our service to the Great Light.
The entire world is divided now into the destroyers and the builders.
And each one, who understands the high significance of Culture, will be among the builders, among those who strain their energy in order to defend the world from the malevolent assaults of darkness.
Great must be the ignorance and blindness of those who cannot even distinguish the Light from the Darkness.
You understand why the parent of Darkness, from ancient times, has been called the sower of refuse.
It is he who so clouds with dust the eyes of the ignorant, that they are entirely unable to distinguish the day from the night.

In sending you my book, “Flowers of Morya’s Garden,” I have done so in the name of Saint Sergius.
Direct your worthiest strivings to this Great Protector, this Builder of the true, spiritual Culture.
“Flowers of Morya’s Garden” is, as you know, published for the benefit of the famished —for the spiritually famished.
Because physical starvation is nought in comparison with starvation of spirit.
And for each one who thinks of Bliss, the immediate task is to help.
Only in giving do we receive.
Then only do we receive that truly great Bliss which the Ancient Wisdom preordains and knows and which is so realistically expressed in true Christianity.

There are two conceptions, Bliss and Heroic Achievement, firmly defined in the Russian words Blagodat i Podvig, but which lack adequate expression in other languages.
These, one must understand as reality.
Clinging to Bliss, one must infuse it actively into daily life.
For what else can transform the homely routine of each day into beauty?
Only this—Great Bliss!
What a wondrous word!
Because this realization creates miracles.
And the most brutal heart pays homage to the highest Light, which is no less a reality than the sun.
But we also, with each torch of ours, evoke the supreme fiery elements; which means that in each heart may also be kindled a purifying flame of all-understanding and all-containment.
I am no lover of “mysticism” or “occultism,” because both are synonyms of nescience.

As I have so often pointed out in “Paths of Blessing” which you now read, we must strive to clarity, to lucidity, to the truth, in which is revealed the great radiant hierarchy.

From your letters I learn that you are enduring hardships.
One must say that now it is difficult for all.
Hence we may all rejoice if we have been deemed worthy to be summoned to work, inspired by the example of the great deeds of the most Holy Sergius—the deeds of him, who so often suffered revilement and was abandoned even by his chosen brethren, yet conquered all difficulties only by the power of spirit, continuing unceasingly to build dwellings of Bliss as guiding milestones.

As you know in America, we are building a Chapel in the name of Saint Sergius.
Like sentinels of Bliss these signs will stand upon the ways of the gathering of experience.
How many of our brothers, now scattered, cull great experiences and knowledge, which will sustain them upon the benevolent ways.
I have sent you my address about Culture.
Verily, let us all give thought to this great conception, to this step to light.
I know that the thought of Culture will benevolently re-echo in your heart and in the rhythm of this sacred tremor, new, invincible forces will suffuse your beings.



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