Cosmic Initiation

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Hence, the real preparation of which we are speaking is for the purpose of ultimately being admitted, by Cosmic Initiation, into the Great White Brotherhood, that herein the Master will appear to the student who is ready, to take him under personal instruction, and lead him (or her) on to higher development, where, someday, Mastership in the G.W.B. is certain, and assignment to service as Imperator, Magus, or Hierophant in some phase of the work on earth will then bring affiliation with the Great White Lodge.

— How is such instruction given by the personal Master ?

It is, truly, personal, and is given through the media of the Cosmic. In other words, it becomes what is generally referred to as Cosmic Illumination, or Cosmic Consciousness, for at certain hours, days, or weeks of one's life one becomes conscious of some new and astounding knowledge, often with, and sometimes without, being aware of the presence or contact of the personal teacher.

In other words, the student, who attains membership in the Great White Brotherhood, after due preparation and real worthiness, first discovers this by becoming conscious of having passed through a series of events constituting a true Initiation. Often these occur during the night, or while he is on periods of rest and meditation in the mountains or valleys, away from active world affairs. This consciousness is accompanied by an influx of Divine Apprehension and Spiritual Awakening, affecting even the physical body to such an extent as to bring about a real re-birth of the body with rejuvenation, increased vigor,restored functioning in organs and parts that were tired, depleted, or subnormal.

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