The Great White Lodge

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There are a number of others, twelve in all, who compose the Holy Assembly of the Great White Lodge ; some are on the Cosmic Plane, carrying on their great work while awaiting their next incarnation, and some are on this earth plane directing the physical work while developing for the Cosmic Plane period.

Under their care, a certain group of high Initiates are prepared in each incarnation for still higher work in a next incarnation, and some of these are assigned the duty, the service, and the real labor, of maintaining the positions of Imperators, Magi, and Hierophants in the several branches of the Great White Brotherhood organizations, [...]. These Imperators, Magi, and Hierophants in various lands compose the Great White Lodge under the personal direction of the twelve Masters referred to above.

The Great White Brotherhood, on the other hand, is the school, or Fraternity, of The Great White Lodge, and into this invisible Brotherhood of visible members every true student on the Path prepares for admission.

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