The work of the Great Masters

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As we have said, Mme. Helen P. Blavatsky was the first to popularly introduce one of the Masters of the Great White Lodge to mystic students. She had the permission of her Master to do this, and it was well, for it helped to remove some of the misconception prevalent at that time. We have read in her private correspondance with her trusted initiates, and in some of her rare manuscripts, how her Master would change and correct statements she had written, even though HE was many hundred of miles distants ; and how would intercept some of her letters in transit and change words written therein to conform to HIS better knowledge. She gave many interesting descriptions of manifestations of her Master and the Associate Master. We who have contacted her Master and others, and who are working under their direction, know what marvelous things are done by and through them daily, although we are often directed in strange ways and unknown methods to carry out their plans, the end of which we know not until they are completed.

[...] When we read or hear that some prominent character connected with some physical society or association is conducting a line of work that brings disgrace, sorrow, or scandal to its members, claims that he was "initiated" into the Great White Lodge, we know at once that it is not so ; for no such person could ever attain such initiation. In one prominent case the claim is made that he character "fell from grace into sin and error after having been initiated in the Great White Lodge". That explanation may save the face of the leaders of the movement, who sponsored and endorsed the statement of his high initiation for their own good purposes, but it is an impossible claim :

FOR THE MASTERS OF THE GREAT WHITE LODGE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU WILL DO IN FUTURE AS WELL WHAT YOU HAVE DONE IN THE PAST, and they would not initiate anyone who would be capable of "falling from grace". If the Great Masters did not have such knowledge they would not be infallible in their judgement, and if they were not infallible in Cosmic knowledge they would not be the GREAT MASTERS.

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