The attainment of desires

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The full attainment of our desires is almost impossible at best. That which we desire today, and will go far to attain, becomes small in importance after we have it, and discover through it what else we may attain—and our desires are at once increased and made more difficult of attainment. Members just admitted into the Order often frankly state that it has been their desire for many years merely to contact the Order and now they feel they have attained their greatest desire. Ah, how that sense of attainment is forgotten in the first weeks of study!

Each monograph, each experiment, and each test of the early Degrees arouses new and stronger desires. In their anxiety to get into the next Degree, and the next, the great desires of the heart before admission into the Order are forgotten. With each monograph the definite benefits therefrom simply accelerate the desire to progress.

Each member will find, however, that not a single monograph, from the Introductory Private Mandamus, is without some special benefit that empowers, strengthens, augments his abilities, his faculties, and his special psychic functionings. Therefore, as we have said, the member practices the exercises as well as reads the monographs, and does not become impatient because such development of certain faculties is not made manifest at once.

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