When the student is ready

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The question may be asked:

— What is the ultimate goal of Rosicrucian study and preparation ?

It is an old question that has been answered thousands of times in each country by the attainment that has come into the lives of the most devoted students.

It is well that the Neophyte and the Adept alike should be reminded again of the real purpose of the work we are engaged in and the reward that may be theirs when found ready and worthy.

There is a very old and well-founded injunction that "when the student is ready the Master will appear." This has been very greatly misunderstood and is used by thousands for refusing to unite with any school or organization, preferring to "wait until the personal teacher manifests."

The injunction distinctly says:

— When the student is ready, the Master will appear !

What is meant by being ready ? Surely it is not merely a matter of time ! It must mean precisely what thousands have found it to mean : when the student is ready through preparation and worthiness.

This leaves the matter very clearly in the hands of each student. He may prepare slowly through selected reading, through long hours of meditation covering many years, or through the occasional attendance at lectures and discourses. If time is of no consequence, then a student may wait until the close of this incarnation or even another, for the appearance of that Master who is to be his personal teacher.

Here again we may ask:

— What Master, what teacher ?

Surely not an earthly Master, for such do not require the preparation and development necessary for Cosmic Illumination. The sincere student who truly prepares himself and becomes worthy of the personal instruction from a Master, soon develops beyond the point where any earthly Master would satisfy. Only a Cosmic Master would meet the requirements of one who is ready.

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